Monday, October 26, 2009

"Can someone give me a Marriage?"

ELNA BAKER, She is so funny! Below I put the address to listen to her life in New York. It's about Love, Sex & Being a Single Adult Mormon. This is so funny and true! I love that her name is Elna & my name is Elda. I feel we have a connection. In my "Swinging" *cough* Single days, I had the experience of falling in love with someone who was not Mormon and..Well...I am. So when I saw this I thought of my old boyfriend, Larry.
So Larry, if you ever read this, Please don't say that not having Sex wasn't the reason we broke up. I know it was probably because I was a Needy Chic. And that whole "Crazy Lady" thing, probably had a wee bit to do with it too, but I choose denial. It just works for me! So go with me on this one for old time sake, okay?

Anyways, Elna talks about going to a Young Single Mormon Halloween Costume Dance. I went to a few of those. Thankfully, I got my wits about me and hopped into my car, "Wheeza". I moved away from California and headed off to a little town called, Ivins. It is just outside of St. George, Utah. I was bent on focusing on School and then going on a Mission. To make sure this would happen (and I would not up getting married at 18 or 19) I attended my older Brother's family ward. NO SINGLE ADULT WARDS FOR ME, thank-you very much! I'll check back in when I am 24.

Yes I had this "plan" all laid out. Just then I met the Bishop of the ward I was attending. He was just as sweet as could be. We talked for a bit and he smiled and said, "I have son who would probably love to meet you." I smiled and said, "How tall is he?" What kind of question is that? Well, when you are 5'-9" and you own some dang nice High Heels, you have to think about those things. My legs looked great in Heels and I was not about to give that up for anybody!! But gosh darn it, Goodlookin' and I met because his sister, Wendy became my friend and I just thought I would get it over with. Goodlookin' has these steely icy blue eyes and he disarmed me with his laid back charm. He was half cowboy and half white collar worker. It was like some angel dropped him from heaven, just for me. Unfortunately on the impact of the fall, Goodlookin is only 5'-7&1/2" (I can't forget that half.) You know things seem to compound on landing. It all ended up OK. I wore slippers to my reception in Utah & white flipflops to my reception in California (my hometown) My Sister in law lucked out and inherited some really nice High Heels & Black Cowgirl Boots! She was pregnant, so it made me feel a little bit better that she would be uncomfortable in those heels for the next few months. (I know...I am horrible!) I got over the height thing. As the lady I lived with, at the time, said to me, "Jennifer, when your laying down, your all the same height anyways!" She was not one to mix words.

(I bet all the men mention above are just beyond thrilled beyond words,that I mentioned them in a blog that might talk about "Girl Stuff")

I can't get this to work so Copy and Paste this address. You will laugh until you cry!

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