Friday, January 22, 2010

Karate Kid meets I love Lucy

Good Grief Charlie Brown!!! Why can't I just shut up?!! (((Shaking my head))) Oh...the holes I dig for myself. But there it is...Taboo & all. I am not pulling punches. This is a recent dialogue that involves 2 others & myself. SO here is how the Karate Kid met I love Lucy:

Facebook Postings get a little out of hand.

Mark posts: "Man who catch fly with chopsticks accomplish anything".

Ande: Super duper LIKE!

Myself: ...or he is very hungry or lacks anything else to do with his life. There was a reason Mr.Miagi (spel?) lived alone.

Ande: Mark, you need to talk to Derek about the lack of Karate Kid respect in his house!
(Side Note: Ande means Derek, my Hubby...My Ricky...My Goodlookin')

Myself: LOL! Hey Derek sang me "Glory of Love" on a road trip when we dated. I should be showing more "respect". It swept me off my feet. A close second was "the Pirate song". In my defense, I have 4 sons and they like to watch those movies more then I care to say. So please don't tell Derek. He might spank me. On the other hand.. I'll tell Derek./;)
(Another side note I know... I know!!! What the heck was I thinking)

Mark: WOW.......Jennifer I don't know what to say about the "spankin" go girl!! I didn't know Derek had it in him!! LOL.......

Ande: Ahhh..."Glory of Love", takes me back to when Duke would dedicate that to me on the radio. (Try explaining THAT dating ritual to your kids!) But Jennifer, I SOOO get the fake Karate Kid action all over the house when the kids watch the movies!

Myself: Note to Self: Shut the laptop & put it away, once you swallow ambien. Also never have laptop open after you take ambien & hubby is in Portland & you miss him terribly.(((((sheepish sigh....)))))

Myself: You know between the three of us, I think we could do quite a audible dialogue comedy. It would be sure fire hit! At least we could count on the pligs being a sure Fan base for us. ....You know two guy...They have BIG LOVE!

Mark: OH MY....I think I am blushing.....NOT!! dare I say "threesome?" ON AN AUDIBLE DIALOGUE !!!!!!

Myself: I think when Derek gets home (in 1hour 37 minutes) I am going to tell him that there is a good chance I may have Turret Typing Syndrome. ((((Earth shattering silence))))
"Hey is this hole I'm digging getting bigger or I am shrinking?" Never mind...don't answer.

Mark: Just tell Derek you are involved in a threesome with Ande and Mark....LOL.....

Myself: Derek is on the phone with me right now saying,"Lucy you have some splainin' to do!!" OH CRAP! This can't be as bad as when I put a Pool in our living room. (water & all) I don't know why he shakes his head & still loves me. I think it is one of two things: He could just have a bad judgement in asking me to marry him. OR.. By marrying me, It was God saying, "Son, if you take this one, You get a "Get into Heaven Free Card".

The End (well kind of)

I am not going to post the last thing Mark said. It would get me in heap load of trouble with Goodlookin. And Goodlookin is still trying to figure out how many times he has to pull up the carpet by the jetted tub that I let overflow for about a maybe 45 minutes. But that's a whole new story. Goodlookin is also not done putting the final touches on our ceiling in our Dining Room. ( I kind of fell through the ceiling. It was a very innocent mistake it could have happened to anybody.) And a whole other story. But we won't get into that now.

How do I get myself into these situations?...I just don't know. The good news: I have one hour to shower and look as good as I can before Goodlookin comes strolling home.

Are there groups I should be attending, "Hello...My name is Jennifer and both my feet are stuck with super glue in my mouth. "

Please wish me luck and pray for Goodlookin.

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