Sunday, October 25, 2009

Name Please? & I think it's time to beat the kids

"Name Please?"

GoodLookin'(my hubby): "I hope you like being my wife." followed by a sweet kiss. (I love scruff on a man!)

Me: "Baby, for 15 years 'Mrs. Derek Keller' has been my favorite name."

Goodlookin': *he softly laughs and kisses me on my ear lobe,where he knows I become his captive*. "I'm glad" he whispers softly in my ear.

Me: My neck tilts as he is moving down to my neck. "Well, when your name is Frances Elda Jennifer, it just isn't that hard to beat!"

Goodlookin: "Thanks!" he laughs with slight sarcasm in his voice.

Luckily, Goodlookin' knows me well enough to know that a romantic moment can some times turn into a Comedy Romance. He loves it! I think....well...I am pretty sure.... Maybe I should go ask him....

P.S. I am proud of my name not many women can say that they are named after two grandmothers and three great grandmothers. I also will answer to: "Dear Frannie,...." I would love to answer any of your life concerns as long as your willing to let me mix up my answer with a dollop of funny! Funny is like chocolate. It belongs everywhere!

"I think it's time to beat the kids"

Goodlookin and I hear the commotion from downstairs. There is the smell of freshly baked brownies that our daughter whipped up. We know this must be a fight with our four sons, over the brownies cooling off before they are cut & gobbled up.

Goodlookin': "I think it's time to beat the kids"

Me: "Golly! That's a shame. They weren't even do for their next one, for another twenty minutes."

Goodlookin' & I are not to much of spankers. Sometimes Goodlookin' will joke with them and tell them he is going to give them a whoopin'. After five years of hearing this Jaxon asked me last spring, "Mom...What's a 'whoopin'?"

One our favorite movies is Bill Cosby himself. You will laugh until you almost pee your pants! Our kids love it too. It is funny when someone will just start singing, (In our jam packed kia sedona) "Dad is great....Gives us the Chocolate Cake."

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