Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mom has Bed Head!

The above is a picture of my sister in love. (I don't say law) She is gorgeous....Thus she is only one who who has the guts to put a picture of her hair like this on our family webpage. It's too late to call her. But her is what I would say, "Lou, can I use that picture of you for my Blog. I don't want any copyrighting issues with the ones on the internet." She would say yes. Then I would say thanks. So I am skipping that whole part. I will email her and say, "Look Lou! You made the front page of my new Blog!" .....I will do follow up on how that goes if she doesn't leave a comment.

Anyways, This morning Ryan came in to my room crawled onto the bed and he was looking at me funny. He kept tipping his head this way and that way. Ryan finally managed to say, "Mom...They have this stuff on TV called, 'Smooth Away'. It will help your hair be smooth and down.....and not poking up all over." I laughed and told him, "Your right Ryan. I should get some of that." Apparently these products that tell us "Memory Hold" is not such a good thing. What ever I am using has a very bad Memory of Einstein! gotta love them

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